WATCH: Thugs With Knives and Hammers Terrorize British Streets

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Britain is the land of not just “no guns” but it’s also the land of “don’t you dare defend yourself” they think that’s the job of the police.  When they finally get there.

It turns out that since the British earned Barack Obama’s fealty by banning fire arms and self defense their violent crime rate has skyrocketed.  Why wouldn’t it?  The bad guys know you’re going to jail if you defend yourself.

The bad guys have also found other things with which to terrorize an unarmed populace.  Things like knives and hammers.

A number of teens were convicted of a variety of charges, it’s not likely they’ll spend a whole lot of time in jail though.  It is Britain after all and they wouldn’t want the cousins of the attackers to feel unwelcome.

At trial one of the attacked had this to say …

“One of them came towards one of my friends who was standing behind me,” she said. “He was swinging a hammer and shouting threats at my friend. He said he was going to hit her with the hammer. I am sure he said he was going to kill her.

“As he raised the hammer in the air I grabbed his arm. We were pushing each other and I dropped to the floor. As that happened one of his friends kicked me hard in the ribs knocking the breath our of me.

“Then the youth with the hammer who had fallen over with me got up and hit me with it on the spine quite hard. I was curled up in a ball and stayed there for five or 10 minutes.”

There’s a very small probability of that happening on a city street in my city, Phoenix.  We’re armed.  We don’t have to wait fifteen minutes for the police to arrive at a crime scene, many of us know that 1,400 FPS from Glock beats any 911 response time anywhere.

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