WATCH This Meeting of Trump and Parents of Kids Murdered by Illegals: [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump minces no words.  Here’s Mr. Trump talking about the stupidity of taking in 250,000 Muslim terrorists or terrorism supporters followed by an emotional moment with the parents of children murdered by illegal aliens.

The video is x minutes but please hang in. It’s important to see the faces of some of the people who have had their lives altered by the amnesty policies of Barack Obama, John McCain and the GOP establishment.

Please note that Barack Obama is doubling down on his efforts to get as many supporters of terrorism against the West into the US as quickly as possible and he’s also refused to meet with these parents.  After all, they represent the fruit of his efforts on amnesty.  Murdered – and unemployed – US citizens.

Mr. Trump, thank you for forcing all the candidates to talk about amnesty and for taking the administration on over a quarter of a million terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.  The Republican establishment won’t do it, Paul Ryan demonstrated that in his first big action as Speaker.  Ryan is a younger, whiter version of John Boehner.

Maybe John can hook him up with some spray tan.

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