WATCH Marine Give Thug With a Baseball Bat a Lesson in Kick-Ass

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It’s sad to think we have many thugs who think they can get away with anything. But it’s great to see a real life “hero” come to the rescue and put a bully in his place, right? If you need a real feel good today, check this out.

A United States Marine in South Philly disarms the baseball bat and chokes the attacker to sleep without getting hit once.

How crazy is that!? Put yourself in that situation! Here’s a scumbag coming at you with a bat, who doesn’t have a clue, that this bystander was a US Marine. This scumbag must literally be thinking he was going to beat the living daylight out of this guy, when BAM! the table is turned on him. The skinny scumbag was obviously NOT thinking straight, because what skinny guy really thinks he can take on a big guy who has at least 100 pounds on him, just because he is wielding a bat? Within seconds, the US Marine has the scumbag in a headlock, under control and without any bloodshed. Did you see how calm the Marine was in that situation? Holy Cow! I really have to learn how to do that! What a great way to put a thug in his place…..say Goodnight! BOOM! Put the baby to sleep! 

I never really watched much WWF, but this Marine could have another career. I can hear Michael Buffer now…..”Let’s get ready to rumble!”

To the US Marine – thank you for putting the thug to sleep, but more importantly, thank you for serving our country! God Bless!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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