WATCH the HYSTERICAL Moment When New Speaker Paul Ryan Dodges Hug From Nancy Pelosi [VIDEO]

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I’m not excited about Paul Ryan being Speaker of the House.  He’s become the antithesis of a conservative, he was what could laughingly could be called an “establishment conservative” and those are two words that should not be used in conjunction with one another.

I will admit though, Ryan got off to a great start.  I won’t likely have many nice things to say about Speaker Ryan from this point forward – I think he’s a polished version of Sellout Boehner – but he get’s a Curmudgeon Pat On The Back for this.

Nancy tried to hug Speaker Ryan, and he seems to grab her hand firmly and push her away.

There isn’t enough money or power on earth that could get this old Curmudgeon to hug Nancy Pelosi, so good job Mr. Speaker.  Enjoy the moment.

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