WATCH H.S. Teacher Attacked by 16-year-old Girl After This Mistake [Video]


Public education is a complete disaster in the U.S. for students and for this teacher.  Today, we get to see an example from Dallas, Texas Skyline High School.

Reportedly, a student was making a presentation to the class when her teacher corrected her.

Did you catch the “news reporters” talking about not seeing the full scene so we don’t know what happened to start the fight.  Guys, this is a “student” punching a teacher.  So what if the “student” was offended or insulted by what the teacher might have said.  If that’s the case, tell the principal.  In any reasonable society the “student” would be arrested for assault and never allowed to set foot in that school again.

But we’re no longer a reasonable, or civil, society.  Mostly thanks to the left and their insistence that offense is now a capital crime.

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