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WATCH What They Didn’t Show You During the Democrat Debate [VIDEO]


You’ve seen the ridiculous questions that debate moderators ask presidential candidates.  On the Republican side they ask if they’re comic book characters or if they know math.  On the Democratic side they ask how much they love their mother.   In fairness they did ask that question on the Republican side, it just came out as, “When was the last time you make love to your mother?”

Anyway, it turns out that the buffoons who ran the Democratic debate not only asked stupid questions there was a time delay on the broadcast and some of the questions and responses ended up on the cutting room floor.

All of those candidates should be on the cutting room floor and if they ever get to debate Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Carly Fiorina it will be a blood bath.

From Wikipedia:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced on May 5, 2015, that there would be 6 debates, which they considered “a reasonable number and in line with what the national committee sanctioned in 2008.”[2] On August 6, 2015, the DNC announced the locations for all six original debates, with exact venues still to be determined, and the specific dates for the first four debates.

In late January 2016, trailing the New Hampshire primary race, the Clinton campaign requested a second New Hampshire debate, which had already been scheduled to February 4, to be officially sanctioned by the DNC. The Sanders campaign said they would only agree with that proposal if a total of four additional debates would be held, one in February, March, April and May each. Both campaigns agreed to a March 3 debate in Flint, Michigan. There also seemed to be agreement on a California debate on May 24, but not at the remaining April 14 debate in Brooklyn, New York, as proposed by Sanders. On February 3, just ahead of the second New Hampshire debate, Clinton’s and Sanders’s campaigns agreed in principle to holding four more debates, also sanctioned by the DNC, for a total of 10


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