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Trump Tweets Truth About Blacks Killing Blacks


The media and The Left (but I repeat myself) are after Donald Trump again.  This time for a tweet about violent crime.  Here’s the tweet.

15-1125 TrumpTweet

First of all, Trump didn’t originate the tweet, he retweeted it.

That said, according to FBI statistics for last year (2014) there were:

Race of offender
Victim      Total White Black Oth/Unk
White 3,021 2,488 446 87
Black 2,451 187 2,205 59
Other/Unknown 231 81 42 108
Total 5,703 2,756 2,693 254
Race of offender
Percent      Total White Black Oth/Unk
White 53% 82% 15% 3%
Black 43% 8% 90% 2%

According to The Hill, a reliably left-leaning source,

The message immediately took off on the social media platform, with thousands of people retweeting it and liking it within an hour. But many also lashed out angrily against the real estate mogul, calling Trump a racist and questioning the veracity of the stats.


Hogwash.  What The Donald didn’t do – or more likely, what the person who manages his Twitter account didn’t do – is check the numbers.  As you can see, from the FBI stats, they’re wrong.

  • Eight percent of blacks are killed by whites and 15% of whites are killed by blacks.  The quoted numbers in the Tweet are absolutely wrong.  Shame on Trump.
  • The Tweet claims one percent of blacks are killed by cops.  We don’t have that number, but I seriously doubt it’s that high.  Even if it is, the raw numbers don’t tell any story.  What’s important is how many perpetrators are killed by cops for good cause.
  • Blacks killed by blacks, 97% on the Tweet vs. 90% in the FBI stats is close enough for government work.

Bottom line here, shame on Trump for not checking the facts.  Heck, shame on him for not knowing the facts, I did and I’m not under media scrutiny for slips like this.

The problem with the stats is this, it gives the Progressive media the opportunity to direct their stories away from what is the whole point of the Tweet: the problem with dead black men isn’t cops or white people.  It’s right there in their own “community.”  By endorsing screwy numbers the story gets deflected.

The only good thing about this is that it was Trump who made the mistake and he won’t hesitate to call the media out on deflecting the story.


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