Trump: Track EVERY Muslim in America

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Trump certainly has a way of telling it like it is. Liberals will have a fit of course, going on about civil rights and invasion of privacy. But when do we realize that we are at war with Islam? Yes, of course we would need to be careful in doing something like this, but keeping Americans safe should be our first priority.

If our border was secure and we knew who was coming to America, extreme measures like this would not need to be considered. Do I like the idea of government keeping track of a certain group of people? Of course not! First off, who would be next? Liberals would claim, and currently act like, Christians are worse than terrorists.


So what do we do? Nothing seems to be the current response. The bully on the playground will keep being a bully until you punch him in the nose. He doesn’t respond to hugs, only respect. These terrorist bullies need punched hard enough that their brothers realize they can’t get away with their insane lifestyle. We have tolerated Muslims long enough.

You can be sure Trump’s comments will be taken out of context. He might not be my first choice, but he certainly is willing to try. America will come first and be secure.

Check it out:

Trump backs database to track EVERY Muslim in America – and would make it MANDATORY for followers of the religion to register

  • Republican front runner made the comments at event in Iowa on Thursday
  • He said Muslims would be obliged to sign up at different check points  

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump voiced support Thursday evening for creating a mandatory database to track Muslims in the United States – the latest in an escalating series of responses following the deadly attacks in Paris.

‘I would certainly implement that. Absolutely,’ Trump told an NBC News reporter between campaign events in Newton, Iowa, according to video posted on

He said Muslims would be signed up at ‘different places,’ adding: ‘It’s all about management.’

Asked whether registering would be mandatory, Trump responded: ‘They have to be.’

The latest comments come less than a week after the deadly attacks on a concert hall, sports stadium and restaurants in Paris that have elevated fears of attacks in in the U.S. and prompted calls for new restrictions on Syrian refugees fleeing their war-torn country.

While some of his rivals have been chastised by the president for suggesting that Christian Syrian refugees be given preference over Muslims, Trump has gone further in his rhetoric, advocating new restrictions on civil liberties and enhanced surveillance activities, including inside mosques.

He said earlier this week that the country was ‘going to have no choice’ but to close certain mosques because ‘really bad things are happening, and they’re happening fast.’

The first reference to the database idea came in an interview with Yahoo News published earlier Thursday in which the billionaire real estate mogul did not reject the idea of requiring Muslims to register in a database or giving them special identification cards noting their religion.

Read more: Daily Mail

Trump has illegals running scared. Would he succeed in building his wall? Trump has certainly surprised everyone so far with his success.

Obama has helped create Islamic State with his inaction and the ridiculous pullout of Iraq. He refuses to call radical Islam out for their evil ways. America keeps getting less safe the longer Obama is in office. It is amazing that we aren’t hit with terrorist attacks every day.

I’m tired of excusing Muslims for their insanity. If these supposed “moderate” Muslims exist, they should be taking care of their extremists. But the problem isn’t Radical Muslims, the problem is that Muslims are radical.

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