Trump Being Globally Smeared With These BS Claims of Nazism: He Has the World Scared!

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Donald Trump is a (yawn) Nazi.  At least according to the BBC.  How do they know Trump is a Nazi, you ask?  Because he wants illegal aliens deported.  Why else?


“The massive deportation program would have to be done with the support – or at least tacit consent – of the American people, many of whom will have lived or worked with, or befriended and loved undocumented immigrants for years.”


“Would ordinary Americans turn a blind eye while neighbors, colleagues and friends were rounded up and taken away? Or would it precipitate mass civil unrest?”

The BBC report is loaded with what the left likes to call “facts.”  They say the US economy will shrink by $1.6 trillion if illegals are deported.  They don’t bother to note that every time ICE has raided businesses that employ large numbers of illegals those jobs are immediately filled by US citizens.  See the meat packing industry.

They also howl about how it will cost about $10,000 per illegal to deport them.  If that’s the cost, it’s well worth paying, but it’s not the cost because law enforcement will, by-and-large, not have to get their hands greasy arresting illegals.

Removing illegal aliens is relatively simple, despite what every Democrat, Socialist, LaRaza Member, the US Chamber of Commerce, John McCain, and Jeb Bush say.

  1. Make it a felony to employ or rent housing to an illegal alien.  It’s currently a misdemeanor.
  2. The felony is a mandatory minimum and the $10,000 per illegal fine and one one month in jail per illegal cannot be pled down.
  3. The charge, fine, and jail time accrue to the business owner(s) of privately held businesses or to the local officers of publicly held corporations.
  4. For rental property the charge, fine, and jail time accrue to the property owner or manager.
  5. Every employee is required to pass eVerify.  This is not a burden on business, they’re currently required to have an I9 form on file for every employee.
  6. Property owners/managers are required to have an eVerify for every occupant of the property.
  7. An eVerify form in an employee’s file is a positive defense for the employer/property manager.

The cost to enforce this expanded and comprehensive immigration law will likely be a net zero dollars.  Everybody, even the Department of Homeland Security, knows where to find a dozen business in any city that employ or rent property to illegals.  Raid those businesses, fine the owners and put them in jail.

15-1115 Trump eVerify

In six months the traffic jam headed south at the southern border should be starting to clear.

The reason this works is because in many industries that employ illegals, construction and hospitality for two, you can’t get a business license, contractors license, or liquor license with a felony conviction.  For property owners/managers you can’t get a Realtors license with a felony.

It’s important that the fines are large and the jail time is minimal.  There’s no point in clogging the jail/prison system with essentially non-violent offenders, they just need to get a taste of it’s like to be locked up.  No work release either.  With large fines business owners/officers will be personally impacted.  They have to be structured so they are paid personally by the offender and not by the business.  This has to be personal not a fine a large corporation can pay and not notice.

When jobs for illegals vaporize and their ability to find a roof to rent goes away, so will the illegals.

A net very small cost to remove 15 million plus illegal aliens.  A huge benefit to the United States of America.

15-1115 Trump Paris

The BBC seems to think unfettered immigration is a wonderful thing.  I’m waiting to see what they have to say when the Muslims start blowing up London like they are blowing up Paris.

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