Trash Collector, Cash Protector

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1Micah Speir, a trash collector in Washington’s King County, is definitely one of the good guys.

While driving his route recently, Speir noticed what he thought was just some scattered trash on the road. As he told Seattle’s KOMO news,

“I was going to pick it up,and lo and behold it was something more than scattered trash.”


It was, in fact, a bank bag, deposit slip, and nearly $12,000 in checks made out to Lawson Elementary School from their October Fundraising Drive, funds used to pay for everything from school supplies to art programs. The bank bag had been accidentally dropped along Speir’s route and thankfully he is both sharp-eyed and honest. Micah called the school’s principal, Dorian Manza, who met him at a point on his pick-up route.

According to Manza, “I told him, ‘I know you have a tough job, you went above and beyond. I tried to give him a tip with my own money but he said, ‘No sir, I can’t do that. I won’t do that.'”

“It felt really good, but at the same time I was just making sure I did the right thing,” Speir said.

Principal Dorian Manza (above) branded Speir a hero

Principal Manza says the checks were for October’s Fundraising Drive at Lawton Elementary. The money pays for a variety of needs—from school supplies to arts programs. Speir’s efforts saved the school an incredible amount of stress and work trying to contact everyone who had written a check.

“That’s just going the extra mile for students and families and a school, and it’s incredible. And it speaks to his character,” said Manza.

Speir has been driving big trucks since he was 15-year-old. He started behind the wheel of a logging truck at his family’s Montana logging business. Collecting trash for a living, he says, can bring surprises at a moment’s notice.

“It’s not dull at all. There’s never a dull moment being a garbage man.”

It doesn’t matter what you do in life, from a trash collector to the presidency, integrity is key.

I’m glad people like Micah Speir have it.

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