There’s a War on Truth at the University of Missouri

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And it’s been going on for a long time.  If you’ve been following the news about the firing of the President of the University of Missouri St. Louis and the firing of a popular professor who refused to cancel his classes because of a widely publicized internet hoax started by black students on the campus you might think this just popped up.  It didn’t, this has been brewing for years.

Back in 2011 the Communist leanings of instructors was exposed by Andrew Breitbart and a student at the University of Missouri, Phil Christofanelli.  Phil enrolled in a labor relations class and wrote a detailed report for Breitbart’s site.

Here’s Breitbart and Christofanelli on Fox Business.

Needless to say the university administration was apoplectic.  They accused the reporters of “taking video clips out of context” – just like the left is saying the Planned Parenthood body part harvesting videos were taken out of context.  That’s a frequent defense that they use, generally for two reasons.  The first is, that’s exactly what they do and they’re simply projecting.  Second, they assume, wrongly in most cases, that nobody will actually go review the whole video evidence.

UMSL Chancellor Tom George and UMSL Provost Glen Cope defended the course–which included instructions on how to carry out industrial sabotage and personal intimidation; in-class recruitment by the Communist Party; and pro-union propaganda. George and Cope claimed to have watched all 30-plus hours of course video.

They got caught with their pants down.  Cope lied about watching the video.

Internal emails reveal, however, that Cope had not even begun to view the videos when she prodded UMKC Vice Provost and Chief Information Office Mary Lou Hines Fritts for the name of the student responsible for “ripping” the videos. “Since the semester is nearly over, we need to act quickly,” Cope wrote to Hines Fritts on May 4.

When you can’t defend against the facts, attack the messenger.

Hines Fritts could not provide Cope with any direct evidence. However, she and her staff quickly singled out Christofanelli for his political views. She sent Cope a list of links about Christofanelli, highlighting his leadership of the Washington University Young Americans for Liberty, as well as his conservative opinions.

The University of Missouri went into full attack mode against Phil Christofanelli and things began to fall apart.  They were forced to provide emails related to the incident which proved that the university officials lied about “watching the videos” they took their accounts from far left blog sites like Media Matters.

Christofanelli finally made an appearance at the Vice Provost’s office with an attorney, the University of Missouri magically dropped their proceedings against him.

The mess in St. Louis has been brewing for a very long time.  Universities in general and the University of Missouri in particular are hotbeds of “progressive” campus radicalism and it’s just beginning to really be exposed.

Thanks to the work Phil Christofanelli and Andrew Breitbart did we have proof that this behavior is the norm, at least at the University of Missouri.  It’s actually not an institution of “higher education” it’s nothing more than a reeducation camp.

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