Ted Cruz’s Campaign? Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid Fellow Candidates

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President Ted Cruz.  The folks who prattle “conventional wisdom” have been laughing out loud at that idea for a year or more.  They’re not laughing any more.  And the best part is that the Republican Establishment is quaking in their boots.

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Right now he’s down in fourth place, in single digits, trailing Trump & Carson by double digits.  He’s not going to be there for long.

He has more cash than any other Republican candidate. He is organized in every county in the first four voting states. And he has served up one strong debate performance after another.

Organization and money win the first states.  Ted is there.  I doubt he’ll win in Iowa, I’m looking for a Carson win propelled by the evangelical vote in the caucuses.  Ask Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum what that’s worth.  If you can find them.

Cruz’ strength is that he’s the only “insider” who is really an “outsider” and Republican voters are looking for an outsider this time around.  Just ask Jeb.  Or Scott Walker.  If you can find them.

In the current field Donald Trump is a blow hard and sooner or later, like in Iowa, he’ll blow up.  I give him credit for forcing the candidates of both parties to talk about immigration and Muslims but not much more.  Carson is a nice man, one of the two smartest guys in the field but my dead white cat is better versed on foreign policy.  Probably the only man that knows less about foreign policy than Carson is Barack Obama.  And maybe Bernie Sanders and Hillary.

Then there’s Mario Rubio.  Who will make a fine President in 2024 after Ted Cruz’ second term.  Mario is an insider no matter how hard he avoids the label.

Carly hasn’t gained traction.  Probably because Republicans are sexist or something.  Look for her to have a dandy cabinet job.  HHS maybe, where hopefully she could fire about 300,000 people.  Seriously.

Then there’s everybody else.  Bye.

Cruz Smile

Cruz is the smartest guy in any room he walks into, he’s a phenomenal debater and once we get past the CNBC/CNN stupid questions he’ll eat any candidate on either side alive.

He’s picking up the voters of the cast-off candidates.  Scott Walker’s supporters are now Ted Cruz supporters.  When Ben Carson decides retirement is a good thing, Cruz will get virtually all of his supporters.  Cruz is a solid evangelical Christian and is absolutely more conservative than Carson on any issue.

Because Trump/Carson have been sucking the air out of the polling all summer Ted Cruz did the real work of politics.

Cruz focused on fundraising and building deep organizations. Instead of living in Iowa all of August, he embarked on a bus trip through the South, a move that surprised other Republicans at the time but allowed him to lay the groundwork for mounting a turnout operation across a region where many states will vote early this cycle, some as early as March 1st. Cruz, his eyes on the delegate count, even developed infrastructure to compete in the primaries and caucuses in the U.S. territories, dispatching a representative to places as far-flung as Guam and American Samoa.


All of this laid the groundwork for a strong autumn. Cruz ramped up his public activity in the early states, particularly in Iowa with a high-profile religious liberty rally, an event he replicated Saturday in South Carolina. He rolled out the endorsements he had been quietly seeking for months, and his poll numbers and his cash flow ticked up in tandem. When he offered a blistering critique of the media at the CNBC debate in Boulder, Colorado, late last month, the tide turned.

“He’s done really well on the debate stage, raised a whole bunch of money, his campaign has done a good job organizing, and he does have these super PACs — they don’t seem very active, but at least they have money in the bank.”

image source: texastribune.org
image source: Texas Tribune

Here’s the kicker on Ted Cruz.

Still, as Republicans working for other candidates acknowledge Cruz is gaining steam, rivals argue his nomination would give the White House to the Democrats.

“I don’t think he can win a general election. I think he would get beat really bad,” said the first source from another campaign. “But I think he can win the nomination of the Republican Party.”

Who are the people who are saying “he would get beat really bad”?  Those would be the same people who said John McCain would beat Obama in 2008 and the same people who backed Mitt Romney in 2012 because Romney was “the only candidate who can win.”  That’s who.  I wouldn’t doubt some or even a lot of those same people will be voting for Hillary next year.

It’s going to be an interesting winter and spring for Republicans.

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