Ted Cruz Pledges to Kill This Federal Boondoggle [VIDEO]

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Common Core is one of the most ridiculous federal takeovers ever. Why national leaders think they know what is best for your hometown shows a level of arrogance that knows no limits. The worst part of Common Core is how teachers teach to the test and then check out afterwards.

Students will sit around for the last few weeks of school watching movies or doing nothing while teachers collect a paycheck.


What has happened to taking a class and at the end of the class year taking a final to demonstrate your skills in said subject?

Besides, the federal government has zero business doing anything with education. That is a state function and a total violation of the 10th Amendment.

Getting rid of Common Core should be a goal of every Republican candidate. Along with eliminating the Department of Education.

Check it out:

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz signed a pledge to kill Common Core if elected.

Cruz was the only one of 14 Republican presidential primary candidates at the Florida Sunshine Summit – a conservative rally put on by the state’s Republican Party – to vow, in writing, to oppose any federal efforts to mandate, impose or influence standards assessments or curriculum across the country, Sunshine State Newsreports.

“As the Republican Party of Florida begins its Sunshine Summit, Senator Cruz’s pledge provides needed leadership on the critical issue of education that so impacts the many residents and students of the State of Florida,” Luz Gonzales, state coordinator for Florida Parents Against Common Core, wrote in a prepared statement.

“Florida is ground zero for the continued implementation of Common Core State Standards,” he continued. “Five of the largest 12 school districts in the United States are in the state of Florida: Miami Dade County Public Schools, Broward County Public Schools, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Orange County Public Schools and Palm Beach County Public Schools.”

Parents in states across the country have rallied against Common Core standards foisted on school districts through the U.S. Department of Education. President Obama, using financial incentives in his Race to the Top education initiative, enticed the vast majority of states to adopt the standardized curriculum with little to no input for parents or taxpayers.

In the years since, education experts and parents have repeatedly raised concerns a wide array of issues, from perceived indoctrination to convoluted math processes to inappropriate reading materials. Many folks have also criticized the standards as an ill-fitting one-size-fits-all approach that allows Washington, D.C. bureaucrats to strongly influence curriculum.

“We should repeal every word of Common Core,” Cruz, a U.S. Senator from Texas, told Floridians at an event earlier this year, according to Sunshine State News. “We should get the federal government out of the business of curriculum.”

Shark-Tank.com posted a video to YouTube in February in which Cruz talks about why he’s “passionately against Common Core.”

Read more: EAGnews

What are the goals of liberals in controlling the education of our children? The answer is simple. Indoctrination.

When you control what children think at a young age, they will grow up with beliefs that you steer.

Look at the gay agenda. They are going after kids at an age where boys think girls have cooties and girls think boys are gross. So of course at this vulnerable time the children will think it is only logical that they must be gay or transgender.

Sad. I for one don’t plan on allowing my children to be indoctrinated by government schools.

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