Student Saw AND TOOK VIDEO of What Really Happened, but the Media Keeps Critical Testimony Quiet


Last week a female student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC was playing with her phone during class.  The instructor told her to put it away and she refused.  He told her to go to the principal’s office.  Again she refused.  He called the principal who came down and told her to leave class.  She refused.  The principal called the police officer assigned to the school who came and told her to leave class, again, she refused.

The officer then forcefully pulled her out of her chair and removed her from the class.  The incident was, of course, videod and posted on social media.

The officer was white, the “student” was black.  You can guess what happened next.  Yep, media firestorm.

It turns out that more than one student took video of the incident and this one also made the news.

The girl in question has, of course, hired a lawyer and will be suing the school for bazillions and will be undoubtedly blaming future arrests on this incident.

The officer in question was painted as a racist, but that didn’t go very far because his black girlfriend of several years stomped that down.

The officer, of course, was fired.  It’s not known if any action will be taken with respect to the girl.

Another interesting event was a rally by the students in Spring Valley High in support of the officer.  They know both the officer and the girl in question.

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