Stalin History Tactics Being Deployed on the American Campus

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Putting your children in public school is child abuse.  The American education elite – see U.S. Department of Education, Common Core, every “School of Education” – have a goal.  They’re likely to achieve it, too.  They are rewriting American history on college campuses and undermining the foundation of the nation.

One of the goals of the #BlackLivesMatters, et al. movements around the country right now is to remove all vestige of anything that could possibly be “offensive” to themselves.  Top of the list?  The Founding Fathers.

At both the University of Missouri at Columbia and the College of William & Mary, critics have been placing yellow sticky notes on Jefferson statues, labeling him — among other things — “rapist” and “racist.”

Once again, students are raising the question of whether men seen as heroes in American history were decidedly unheroic when it came to issues of race — and black students are demanding that colleges consider the impact of various honors for people whom they do not consider heroes.

Demanding.  Who’s doing the demanding?  People who happen to live in the nation that gives minorities the greatest opportunities on earth.  They’re demanding that we do what Stalin did as he gained more and more control over the Soviet Union.  Airbrush history.

Stalin had departments of people who did nothing but literally remove Stalin’s latest list of “enemies” from pictures and books.  The truth is easy to find, here’s an example.

15-1125 Stalin
Photo of Nikolai Yezhov (Naval Commissar) and Stalin walking alongside the Moscow Canal. After Nikolai Yezhov fell from power, he was arrested, shot, and his image removed by the censors. [Source: Wikipedia]
 Don’t for one second kid yourself.  The “students” who are making these demands are, by-and-large, on these campuses only because of the good will of the people of the United States of America.  Here’s what it costs to attend some of the schools currently under fire from these little Stalinists:

The real truth about their presence on any of these campuses, or pretty much any campus, is that they are there either on scholarships/grants courtesy of state or U.S. taxpayers and they were admitted only because of the affirmative action policies of their schools.  Take a good look – which you won’t be able to – at their test scores/grades and you’ll find they were selected because of “other” reasons.

That happens nowhere but the U.S. on any scale.  The “free college” model in Europe that these little Bolsheviks like to prattle on about is a highly structured environment that admits relatively few students compared to entrance into U.S. universities.


At Princeton they want Woodrow Wilson excised.  Not a bad choice actually, he was a vile human being and a racist who thought the KKK was the organization that would save the world.  He’s also one of the founders of the Progressive political movement – along with Margaret Sanger – that all of these ignorant twits align with.

While I chuckle about them having a fit about Wilson, he should in no way be airbrushed from history.  If for no other reason, he provides the really bad example of what Progressivism really is.

Welcome to “the university.”  Public higher education is a rats’ nest of anti-American and anti-intellectual pursuit.  Here’s the predominant view that those who run the asylum take with respect to history.

Henry Wiencek, author of Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), said via email that his approach to the issue of statues and other honors for Jefferson (as well as Wilson and others) would be based on a Jefferson quote: “The earth belongs to the living.”

Explained Wiencek: “If the rising generation finds the actions of these men to be repugnant, then the new generation has the right to demand the removal of memorials to them. There should be informed and reasoned discussion and debate — universities are the ideal forum. Let the defenders of the memorials make their case on behalf of the enslavers.”

Stalin is grinning in his grave.

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