Rush Nails It!

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There’s a young woman who posts at Chicks on the Right.  She’s a recent college graduate and she majored in journalism.  Not only did she major in journalism, but she came out of school a conservative and someone who understands and respects the impact Rush Limbaugh has had on the media.

She recently posted a story about being confronted by three journalism professors in her final class.

Limbaugh is arguably the most influential conservative in the country, and boy. Note to young college students. If your liberal professors find out you’re a Limbaugh fan, watch out. Talk about a target on your back.

Right before I graduated last year, I had to complete a capstone class for my journalism degree. I spent the semester preparing my portfolio, and on the last day, three prominent professors from the journalism department questioned me in front of my peers. We called the pass/fail session “oral arguments.”  It was supposed to be super professional, because journalism. You know.

Want to know the first question they asked me?

“You tweeted that you’ve learned more from Rush Limbaugh than anything in any of your college classes, and that’s obviously a shot at all three of us. What has Rush Limbaugh taught you about journalism? He has no credentials. He doesn’t have a degree.

He doesn’t have a degree.  When you’re faced with three university professors, that’s the equivalent of saying, “He’s a child molester.”

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This young woman didn’t back down and I’d have paid to have been in the room.

Precisely. And he’s still smarter than all three of them combined. Common sense and an unwavering love of America– those don’t require degrees, but thanks for your concern!

While she didn’t say exactly how she responded, it must have been a thing of beauty.

She goes on in the article to document why she has so much respect for Rush and quoted from an article written by him in National Review.

When I arrived in New York City 28 years ago to begin my national radio program, my objective was to have the most-listened-to show in the country. At that time, the national broadcast media included three television networks and CNN. That was it. There were 125 radio stations doing talk radio, and I started on 56 of them. No one had ever succeeded in syndicating a national daytime radio show, and I was predicted to fail, too.

I traveled 45 weekends each year for the first two years of my show to solidify my radio-affiliate relationships. Think Donald Trump’s stump appearances, 45 weekends a year in cities all across America. Crowds ranged from 2,500 to 10,000 or more. I made fun of liberals, espoused and explained conservatism, and promoted traditional American values. And audiences ate it up; they had been starved for it.

Today, there are more than 2,500 stations doing talk radio, the vast majority of which lean conservative. There is Fox News, which debuted in 1997. There is the conservative blogosphere, and there are more conservative websites than you can count.

She goes on to quote more of the article, you can read the whole thing at the link above, but Rush’s point is absolutely right, he changed the face of the media in the United States and he did it pretty much by himself.

If I was to look at real world accomplishments, Rush accomplished more in the last 25 years than those three professors will accomplish in their lives.  As a matter of fact, he’s accomplished more than the combined faculties of every journalism school in the world.


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