Rush Just Nailed it Again!

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In case you missed it, the President of the University of Missouri was forced by student activists to resign over an alleged “racist incident.”

I won’t bore you with the details, the real reason, as Rush pointed out today, is that President Tim Wolfe is a white male.  There is no place in academia for those creatures.

Here’s Rush:

The key here is this …

This is just the ongoing attempt by the left to capture what they’re losing at the ballot box. The Democrat Party’s losing elections. Ferguson didn’t turn out the way the protestors wanted it to. People have moved down the road. You know what’s really interesting about this to me (and there are many aspects of it that are interesting) is that if you look at this incident by itself, outside of the context, you would believe that we still live in the 1800’s, that we are still pre-Civil War, that we still have slavery; we still have blatant racism and discrimination.

This country has done more to progress from those days, this country has done more to address the legitimate grievances…We have altered policy. We have had policies implemented to basically punish achievers because of their race in order to balance things out. We have lowered entry standards. We’ve done everything we can. Affirmative action. We’ve done quotas. And as you see, it’s never enough. Because it’s never really all about that. And I, frankly, think part of me was all weekend and this morning watching this…

If you didn’t, listen to the whole thing.  Colleges today make the 60s look like a Tea Party convention.  “Free love” is long gone, it’s been replaced by “free victimization.”  Every non-white-male is a victim and every white male is the cause of their victimhood.

Interestingly enough, they are victims, but they refuse to recognize the cause of their coming problems.

We’re not raising an era of college-educated people. We’re creating victims. We’re creating rage-filled maniacs with a totally distorted view of reality and of history. We have a president who has such weird economic policies that even if they do manage to graduate from these supposed higher institutions, they don’t have any jobs or careers to latch onto.

We’re looking at several generations of college students who will be graduating with $100K plus in student loan debt and no prospect of a job that will pay enough to make their payments.  One of the joys of my senior years will be watching these whiners starve to death.

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