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Ronda Rousey Suspended From Fighting for 6 Months:


No doubt about it – anyone who saw the fight knows that Ronda Rousey got her ass – and face – kicked in her stunning, lopsided loss to Holly Holm,

But what most did know was how serious it was.

Ronda was taken straight out of the ring and into the ER, because she REALLY was hurt.


Rousey, already expected to take some time away from the Octagon regardless of how her bout at UFC 193 unfolded, now has no choice but to step away until mid-2016. Why?

Because the league has determined it would be dangerous for her to do anything but continue to lay on her back…. even if it’s in Tahiti:

Hat tip UFC:

The UFC itself has placed the former undefeated champion on a six-month medical suspension stemming from a concern over the possibility of a head injury.

Rousey, who suffered the first loss of her glittering UFC career when Holm knocked her out with a devastating head kick – and a flurry of punches – in the second round of Saturday’s fight, will be suspended for 180 days, unless a head CT scan reveals no damage.


Additionally, the 28-year-old has been informed that she is not to have contact for 45 days, and cannot fight inside the next 60 days, according to a full list of medical suspensions released to

Such bans are typically handled by the state athletic commission, but the absence of an athletic commission for Saturday’s event in Australia led the UFC to issue the suspensions itself.

It’s of course, an excellent decision for her well-being…

… And 0f course, we’ll still remember her like we always do:


Get her next time – that rematch win sets up the rubber match… cha-CHING!

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