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Ronda Rousey Got Her … Head Kicked.


Along with some other parts of her anatomy.  Rousey was the 12-0 UFC Bantamweight Champion.  She’d destroyed every fighter she’d faced and there was constant talk of how she was the most dominating figure in sports.  There was also speculation that she would be fighting UFC men before long because there weren’t any women who could stay one round with her.

15-1116 Ronda HeadKick

Those days are over.  Ronda Rousey is just another fighter today, she nearly got her head kicked off in her fight last weekend with Holly Holm.

Rousey has been basking in her starlight with photo shoots for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition …

15-1116 Ronda Swimsuit2

… and promotional contracts for about every kind of burger you can imagine.

15-1116 Ronda Hardees

The photo shoots are off for a while.

15-1116 Ronda Bleeding

It will be interesting to see how Rousey handles the devastating loss.  She finds herself on the same side of the story that her last 12 opponents have lived through.

Will she come back?  (Sure she will)

15-1116 Ronda Insta

And can she beat Holly in a rematch? (Remains to be seen.) What about her endorsements and her fan base? Just how fickle will they be?

2016 will be interesting for Rousey and for Holly because she’s now the “big dog.”

I’m guessing you won’t be hearing much anymore about Ronda fighting in the men’s division.  That “equality thing” – not so much.



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