Why Are Rob Lowe’s Fans Attacking Him?

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Actor Rob Lowe seems to have really pissed his fans off.  Lowe has lived in Paris and apparently loves the city.  So when the Muslims started blowing it up and murdering Parisians Lowe commented on Twitter when France closed their borders.

15-1115 Lowe Tweet 0

The usual suspects are having a fit.

15-1115 Lowe Tweet 1

Classy.  But there’s more!

15-1115 Lowe Tweet 2

And there’s lot’s more, Mr. Google will help you find them if you’re so driven.

I can’t wait to take to Twitter and say “So the U.S. finally closed their borders.”  I just wonder how many Americans will have to die to see that happen and who Barack Obama will blame it on.

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