Racial Jokes in 1970s Sitcoms ‘All in the Family’ & ‘The Jeffersons’: Were we more mature then? [VIDEO]

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Ages ago we never missed The Jeffersons or All in the Family or Sanford and Son.  They were funny.  Really funny.  They also reflected real life.  These programs kicked off at the start of the Democrats’ Great Society program and they hadn’t gotten the message that hard work and individual achievement were a good thing. Here’s a sample of what we watched, and really how life was in the early 70s.

George and Archie actually managed to get along, at least they got along better than the comparable people would get along today. Everybody enjoyed these programs without regard to race.  Run those programs today and you’d have a “Million Student March” going on outside your studio.  You’d be featured on Page 1 of the NYT and WaPo above the fold with stories about how racism is a genetic part of American society and how only reparations can set things right.  Along with an expansion of affirmative action.

The reason the major newspapers – and the TV news – would spend time calling you a racist is that it would take up time and space they wouldn’t have to dedicate to Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy, his failed domestic policy, $20 trillion in debt, and the fact that Muslims are butchers.  Not that they report that anyway.

Oh, and the feminists would be at your throat, because Edith and Weezie aren’t business owners, don’t run the house, and they’re not lesbians.

Can you imagine the outrage over “the N word” used in that setting?  Today you only hear it used among blacks referring to one another.

15-1116 BLM

Looking back, I think it’s pretty obvious that we were more mature as a nation in the middle years of the last century than we are today.

Don’t you love how the far left electing a black president has brought on an era of racial healing?


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