Public School Students Told To Sing Praises to ISLAM: WTH?

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Please note, your local public schools will be celebrating the “Winter Solstice” next month and there will be no singing or discussion of why December 25th is a national holiday.

On the other hand, educators at a middle school in Orange County, California were required to sing this.  The lyrics were written by a teacher at Spring View Middle School in Huntington Beach.

15-1122 IslamFightSong

This outrage at the hands of “public educators” met with resistance from a determined mom.

Local parent Nichole Negron has spearheaded the charge against the song. Negron and Susan Negron, her mother, objected to the lyrics at an Oceanview School Board meeting on Tuesday night.

“I believe that by singing this song, the children feel comfortable believing that maybe Allah is the only god, and maybe that they should start following him,” Susan Negron said, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Keep in mind, in public schools, as part of Common Core, kids are being indoctrinated in Islam.  Other religions are being mentioned, but Islam is being sold.  Don’t believe it, look at the lyrics again.  And then there’s this …

According to Nichole Negron, part of her son’s Islam lesson included an illustration of a stick-figure guy proclaiming: “Believe in Allah! There is no other god.”

The school district issued an apology.

In a statement, school district Superintendent Carol Hansen suggested that the Islam lesson set to a pop song was poorly timed.

It was unfortunate that the lesson on Islam ended just prior to the tragic world events on Friday, Nov. 13,” Hansen said, according to the Huntington Beach Independent. “It was not the intention of the teacher to incite anger or offend.”

“I apologize on behalf of the district if the song used in the World History lesson may have offended anyone,” Hansen also said, according to the Orange County Register.


In other words, the superintendent recognized it was in poor taste to push a “religion” that butchers and enslaves people right after they murdered 129 Parisians.  Oh, and as for the apology, what that really says is, “I can’t believe that Orange County has a bunch of redneck hicks living here.”

Once again, if you’re putting your kids in public school you’re committing child abuse.

It’s past time to stop the spread of Islam in America.


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