Pretty Sure These Dudes Haven’t Read the Geneva Convention

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Nobody really gives a rip about the Geneva Convention.  If they did, they wouldn’t be whining about Guantanamo because it complies with the Geneva Convention.  And the terrorists we’ve been releasing from Guantanamo have exactly no rights under the Geneva Convention.

Which brings us to Syria and the Muslim terrorists who are at war there.  Let me be really clear.  There are at least two sides in the war in Syria and both sides are Muslim terrorists.  The Muslim terrorists who are fighting against Assad have decided that using “human shields” is a good idea to keep the Russians from bombing them.

Women loyal to President Assad in a besieged region of Damascus are being paraded in metal cages in the hope of preventing further air-strikes raining down on a stricken suburb of the Syrian capital.

Almost 500 Alawites – male and female – have been rounded up by Army of Islam militants and are now being held captive in the cubed jails mounted on the back of flat-bed trucks and pick-ups.

I’m pretty sure the Russians, or Assad’s forces for that matter, aren’t going to care.  They don’t care about the Geneva Convention, they don’t care about women.  After all, they’re terrorists too.
Here’s a glimpse of what the cages look like.

The cages are quite decorative and if US feminists had their way, I’m sure they’d demand they be painted pink.

The folks at Human Rights Watch have their panties in a wad over this latest atrocity by Muslims.  What none of the agencies/governments/whatevers will say is that this kind of behavior is standard issue Muslim culture.  You don’t see the Saudis, the Jordanians or the Egyptians getting upset about this, do you?

Muslims are terrorists to the core.  If you don’t believe that find a Muslim organization – CAIR maybe – who is outraged about this and actually doing something about it, then get back to me.

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