President Cruz Will Right Some Wrongs: A Whole Bunch


It looks like, if elected President, Ted Cruz may just go on a hunting expedition and he may be looking for, in the old English tradition, some heads on a pike.

15-1105 IRS Head

Cruz wants justice for the IRS.

The Justice Department announced last month that while the IRS showed poor management and decision-making, no employees broke the law by blocking tea party groups’ nonprofit status applications or subjecting them to intrusive questions that the tax agency has admitted were inappropriate.

Investigators specifically cleared former IRS Senior Executive Lois G. Lerner, saying that far from being blamed for wrongdoing, she appeared to try to correct the situation once she learned of it.

They’re certainly not going to see anything that looks like justice under the current regime.

Shortly after the announcement that Lerner and the Obama IRS were being considered for Cannonization by Pope Francis, Senator Cruz sent a letter to Eric Holder in drag Loretta Lynch.

“It is important for you and other officials in this Administration to understand that this administration’s decisions to neither continue this investigation nor appoint a special prosecutor do not represent the conclusion of this matter,” Mr. Cruz said in a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “Given this Administration’s refusal to conduct itself appropriately, or take the issue of the potential illegal conduct of IRS employees seriously, any subsequent administration should reserve the right to reopen the matter, conduct its own investigation, or appoint a special prosecutor to conduct an investigation.”

Senator Cruz charged Ms. Lynch with preserving all documents obtained by her investigators during their probe, and said copies should be given to the National Archives and to the department’s inspector general so they could also preserve them.

Cruz made no bones about his demand that the evidence be preserved, he made a direct threat.

And the Senator warned that anyone who doesn’t comply with his request could face criminal penalties.

The thought of former US Solicitor Ted Cruz going after the IRS and the Department of Justice warms my hard, cold, conservative heart.

Go Ted Go!

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