Paul Ryan’s FIRST TEST as New Speaker: Sign the Petition Forcing Him to DEFUND OBAMA’S SYRIA REFUGEE INVASION

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Barack Obama, despite the terrorist attacks in Paris last week, is still pushing forward with his planned resettlement of 100,000 Syria refugees througout the USA and there is only one way he can be stopped:

If the AMERICAN PEOPLE rise up and demand it. State Governors do not have the authority to refuse these ‘refugees,’ even if they claim they can.

It can only be stopped by Congress and unless we as Americans DEMAND this influx of immigrants, whom the FBI reports cannot be vetted to identify terrorists, be halted immediately – we could easily be experiencing the carnage in France here – BUT MUCH WORSE!


New Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, under Article One of the Constitution, has not just the authority – but the obligation to do everything in his power to stop this invaation – pledged when he took his oath to office.

And only by pushing through and successfully DEFUNDING this dangerous and costly “resettlement” of hundreds of thousands of Muslims to this country, can we avoid potential attacks that will make Paris, the Fort Hood attacks and even 9-11 look small by comparison.

States do not have the authority to refuse entry to migrants because resettlement is federally funded, and many governors continue to support the refugee plan. Paul Ryan could begin the process of defunding the refugee invasion and he needs to know the American People will not stand for it!

Sign the petition below and make your voice heard!


It is irrefutable that a number of Syrian “refugees” are actually members of ISIS and other radical islamic groups, employing a “Trojan horse” strategy to disrupt our way of life.

At least one of the Paris bombers held a “Syrian Refugee” passport, for example, and the FBI and top military officials warn that they cannot effectively screen out terrorists from the massive resettlement taking place all over the United States.

What’s happening in Paris and Germany and throughout Europe is coming here. But it’s not inevitable. This disaster in the making MUST BE STOPPED. We the people must make our voices heard, and make it stop.

Sign the petition below to demand new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, along with the full Congress, DEFUND the importation of 100,000 Syrian “refugees” – something that is underway as you read these very words.


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Remember – this is the same Paul Ryan who negotiated the Ryan-Murray budget deal in 2013 (with Patty Murray, a Democrat) which cut military pensions by $6 billion to pay for spending increases – including FULLY FUNDING OBAMACARE through 2016.

Paul Ryan drafted it. John Boehner pushed it through and didn’t give even the 72 hours he promised he’d give for people to look through his legislation as promised.

Many believe with good reason that Ryan was handpicked by John Boehner to push through Obama’s illegal amnesty and regardless – it’s clear that it’s up to patriots of all stripes to let them know we do not want Obama to continue to import the enemy onto our own soil.

Obama is not just an incompetent Commander-in-Chief, the laughing stock of the world – but it’s clear he has no interest in protecting us inside our own borders. The first of 100,000 people claiming to be Syria ‘refugees’ are already coming in as we speak – and that’s not the end of it:

Obama now says his goal is to take in 100,000 more PER YEAR! This is lunacy and must be stopped! Get involed – sign the petition now! Thanks– Samuel “Joe The Plumber” Wurzelbacher


Not convinced? Watch this – then scroll back up, sign the petition and make your voice count!!

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