Is Obama’s Amnesty History??

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President for Life Obama took a big hit yesterday.  He got a hard right cross right on the chin from the Fifth Circuit of Appeals.  They said, “No f***ing way” to his executive amnesty plan.

The 2-1 decision by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans further dims the prospect of implementation of the executive action before Obama leaves office in 2017.

There will, of course, be appeals.  But those appeals will likely still be going on long after Obama has gone back to being a community organizer.  Oh wait, that’s not fair.  He never stopped being a community organizer.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot was a happy camper following the decision.  He originally filed the suit as Texas Attorney General.

“President Obama should abandon his lawless executive amnesty program and start enforcing the law today,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in a news release.

As noted above, this was a 2-1 decision and the administration could ask for a hearing before the full Fifth Circuit.  Or they could appeal to the Supreme Court.

The bottom line here is that Obama’s executive order put a hold on deportation of five million illegal Democratic voters.  If this ruling stands deportations could begin immediately.

The best part of the decision, at least to me, is the dissenting opinion.

In a 53-page dissent, Judge Carolyn Dineen King said the administration was within the law, casting the decision to defer action on some deportations as “quintessential exercises of prosecutorial discretion,” and noting that the Department of Homeland Security has limited resources.

“Although there are approximately 11.3 million removable aliens in this country today, for the last several years Congress has provided the Department of Homeland Security with only enough resources to remove approximately 400,000 of those aliens per year,” King wrote.


In other words, she is challenging the Congress to provide funds necessary to deport all 11.3 million (probably more like 15 million.)  She supported Obama, but she did it by admitting that he was breaking the law because Congress didn’t give him enough money to enforce it completely.

So Mr. Speaker Ryan, get off the couch.  Fund the deportation of every one of the illegal aliens who have no right to be here.

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