Does Obama Have the ‘Goods’ on Hillary?

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How many scandals can Hillary survive? It is amazing she has made it this long. I really thought she would have been done for if Biden (Obama Jr.) got into the race. All the dirt would have come out and no more protection from the liberal media. But alas, that didn’t happen.


Why didn’t it happen? Clintons have a long history of scandals. Plus they also have an uncanny ability to keep things under wraps. A lot of it comes down to them having dirt on those who have dirt on them. This certainly makes the love hate relationship that the Obamas and Clintons have make sense.

Hillary might have met her match though in Donald Trump. I’m sure his deep wallets can dig up anything there is to hide on Hillary.

Check it out:

Trump says Hillary is a criminal ‘walking on eggs’ trying not to offend Obama with tough terror talk: ‘If she angers the president she’s going to get indicted.’

  • Donald Trump laid into Hillary Clinton during a campaign appearance in Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Billionaire said ‘she has to be extremely nice’ to the president lest he unleash the criminal justice system on her
  • Clinton is the subject of an FBI investigation related to allegations she mishandled classified documents by using a private email server while she ran the State Department
  • ‘I think the party of the president is protecting her,’ he said 

Donald Trump stepped up his pressure Friday on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, labeling her a criminal who will win the Democratic presidential nomination as long as she avoids antagonizing the one man who can guarantee she stays out of prison.

Reflecting on a foreign policy speech Clinton delivered Thursday, Trump told a record-breaking crowd at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina that he knows why the liberal standard-bearer mocked Republicans who complain about ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ by name. 

‘Hillary was unable to use the term the other day, but of course she’s very concerned that if she angers the president she’s going to get indicted,’ the real estate tycoon said.

‘So she has to be very nice. She has to be extremely nice. She’s walking on eggs right now. Boom, boom, boom. She’s walking very gently.’

Trump said the Democratic Party establishment has rallied around Clinton and has a vested interest in helping her steer clear of legal jeopardy related to her classified email scandal. 

‘I think the party of the president is protecting her,’ he said, comparing her situation to that of former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus, who pleaded guilty last year to mishandling classified material.

Clinton is the subject of an FBI investigation related to allegations she, too, negligently managed classified information by using an unsecured private email server while she ran the State Department.

‘Even though Petraeus was sentenced very severely, even though many people went to jail for doing about 5 per cent of what she did, I think she’s probably going to be the nominee and probably going to run unimpeded with the criminal investigation,’ Trump predicted.

‘I think it’s outrageous because frankly, what she did was absolutely criminal by any standard, and you can look at many different statutes.’

‘She’s being protected,’ he added, ‘and that’s not the way our country is supposed to be run.’

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There is a decent chance Hillary will be indicted in this FBI investigation. If you compare the minor offense they got David Petraeus on, Hillary’s offenses are ten times worse.

I’m still not convinced that she will be the nominee. They might even let her get to the convention, and then have to send in Biden to save the day because Hillary can’t accept from jail.

Would you go visit her in jail?

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