Now There’s The Pot Calling the Kettle Homely

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The far left media/entertainment industry hates nothing more than a negro or a woman who doesn’t toe the “progressive” line.  We’ve seen that demonstrated over the last couple of weeks with the senseless attacks on Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

Carly had the audacity to appear on The View and challenge the feminist bitches world view.  She did it with grace.  They got even.

Demented?  Halloween Mask?  Well for starters, they’ve got no business talking.

15-1109 BeharGoldberg

That’s Joyless Behar and Whoopie Cushion.

Here’s Carly.

15-1109 Carly

Here’s a group of women Joyless and Whoopie consider their heros.

15-1109 Dem Women

And here’s Carly fighting back in an interview on Fox.

Carly was back on The View last Friday.  She probably won’t be invited back, she’s a takedown machine and she more than held her own against a crowd of progressives whose combined IQ is probably the square root of hers.

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