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Professor Resigns After Outrage Follows Refusal to Cancel Exam

The University of Missouri has seen another resignation today as Professor Dale Brigham has been forced out of his teaching position following his refusal to cancel an exam in the wake of “unsafe feelings,” from the precious snowflakes at UM.


Some student had complained that they no longer felt safe at the University following anonymous threatening messages made on the social media app Yik Yak.  The Professor responded with an email to the students, and refreshingly refused to be intimidated out of holding class from an anonymous internet troll.

Earlier that day, the MUPD (you know, the security professionals charged with determining whether there is a credible threat to the campus) deemed the messages to be of no legitimate concern to the safety of the campus.  This is likely because shortly thereafter, the police apprehended the culprit nearly 100 miles away in Rolla, MO.


This Professor, however, committed a grave sin in fulfilling his responsibility to the University and his students by holding the exam as scheduled under the advisement of the MUPD.  Student took to Twitter to accost Brigham as a “failure as a human being,” for not instead siding with the sacred feelings of his students.

Following mounting public pressure from the Mizzou Mob, who now apparently runs Missouri’s publicly funded university system, Brigham cancelled the exam and announced his resignation.


The UM System is out of control.  It is time that the State Legislature step up to the plate to remind everyone that this University belongs to the People of Missouri, and not to radical left wing activists.


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