Marine’s AWESOME and BRUTAL Response to Bruce Jenner’s New Found Fame

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Bruce Jenner is some kind of “hero” to the far left and the culture warriors these days.  He’s taken on a new name and decided he’d rather be a girl.  New wardrobe, new hairdo, and all kinds of attention.  Glamour Magazine actually named Bruce “Woman of the Year.”

That’s had a number of interesting responses.  The Social Justice Warriors are celebrating because they celebrate anything that destroys American culture.  And then there are the other liberal women who read Glamour.

Criticisms are already piling up from women who find the choice of Jenner to be demeaning, and are falling into two main camps. First, out of all the real women in the world, could Glamour not find one worthy of the title of “Woman of the Year” without needing to fish in the male pool of boys dressing as girls?

Second, what in the world has Jenner done in the past year—other than get a makeover—that qualifies him as a model for achieving “Woman of the Year” around the world?

In a stinging commentary, Nicole Russell writes that by choosing Jenner as “Woman of the Year”, “Glamour endorses the idea that men are better at being women than we are.”

“What in the world has Jenner done…”  Well Nicole, he’s done nothing.  Then again, neither have any of you other whining, liberal beatches done anything worth talking about.

On the other hand, on the conservative side of things, we’ve got somebody who should be recognized as “Woman of the Year.”  I know she’s being recognized that way by the men she leads.

We’re talking about 1st Lt. Rebecca Turpin, a United States Marine who was awarded Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a Combat “V.”  She’s one of the few women Marines to ever receive the commendation and she saved the lives of the Marines in her transport company doing it.  Here’s a Tweet that outlines what Lt. Turpin did that day.

15-1101 Marine Tweet

I’ve never met Lt. Turpin, but I know lots and lots of Marines.  I’m pretty sure that if someone tried to give her an “award” like Glamour’s “Woman of the Year”, she’d say she didn’t deserve it, she was just doing her job.  While I recognize that is true, this Marine dad would like to offer Lt. Turpin a hearty Semper Fi!

Oh, by the way, the Lt. is one heck of a lot better looking than Bruce.


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