Marine Vet Still Kicking Butt – This Time in MMA

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Kyle Stewart is an MMA fighter who has his sights set on the big octagon.  I think he’ll make it.

Stewart began his journey into the world of mixed martial arts with American Freestyle Karate at the age of four. He participated in point-fighting and continued with karate for 13 years before delving into boxing and kickboxing. Stewart has trained in several martial arts such as Muai Thai, Kenpo-based Karate, submission wrestling and jiu jitsu over the 19 years he has been training. He is currently a member of the Fight Club 29 MMA Team aboard the Combat Center.

He joined the fight club on base back in 2010 and that’s where he began to improve and learn more about grappling, jiu jitsu and overall ground game. Kyle started participating in grappling tournaments with Fight Club 29. From there, he did pankration tournaments which are amateur MMA with no strikes allowed to the head and he went on to win the 2012 All Armed Forces Pankration Championship at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

We’re featuring Kyle on this day after Veterans Day because too often we stop and remember our vets for one day and then move on.  We’ll have some features on veterans like Kyle going forward so we don’t just move on.

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