Mainstream Media Confesses Paris Bomber Held ‘Syria Refugee’ Passport

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Even the mainstream media is being forced to admit that the Obama administration has no policy and no strategy to fight ISIS.  As a result, they’re taking full advantage of the situation in Syria and smuggling terrorists into Europe – and the US – along with the so-called refugees.

The bottom line is looking more like this.

Sunday’s revelation that at least one of the Paris terrorists who killed more than 120 people on Friday entered Europe as just another face in the crowd — embedded in the current wave of Syrian war refugees. The development appears likely to fire up the security debate over what to do with them.

The Obama administration keeps insisting that the “refugees” will be vetted.  The FBI – who will have to do the vetting – says they can’t do it.  Who do you think is telling the truth?  Hint: my money wouldn’t be on the guy who told me I could keep the insurance plan I liked.

European officials told CNN that they believe a new professional squad of terrorists is inserting itself into some of these migrant voyages.

And Obama says those of us who want to stop Muslim terrorist immigration into the U.S. are racists.  Frankly Barack, you can count me as a racist.  You’ve already allowed about 250,000 terrorists and terrorist supporters into the U.S. every year since you’ve been in office. Enough is enough.


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