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Losers in Georgia Going Nuts Because Food Stamps are Temporarily Cut Off In This County


A couple of weeks ago, something went wrong at the Clayton County Human Services Office. Food stamps benefits were suddenly cut off, and entitlement leeches went ballistic.


One woman in the video said she waited in line for over six hours to figure out what was going on, because her “babies don’t deserve that.”

It’s TOTALLY amazing isn’t it?!  I mean this person or shall we say “victim” can stand in line for OVER 6 hrs, but doesn’t have time to get a real job or go to work. Stop blaming everyone but yourself.

Life is about choices! You know – choices such as stay in school, work hard, go to college, get a job, etc. The choices and decisions we make are the reasons we are where we are. So, I’m sorry, I will NOT feel sorry for this person. Stop the “Oh WOE is me”! You are NOT a victim. You made choices. Your choices are your reality! Unfortunately, many of us – the taxpayers are paying for YOUR bad choices now.

Thanks to Obama, our entitlement program is like the “Eveready Bunny”…it keeps growing and growing and growing…….

Eighty-five percent of the projected growth in spending over the next decade is due to entitlement spending and interest on the debt. Obamacare is the largest driver of increasing federal health care spending, and it alone will add $1.8 trillion in federal spending by 2024.

We give, and give and give. When will the INSANITY stop? We can NOT continue to “kick the can down the road”. We can NOT sustain these levels of entitlement, especially for food stamps.

  • Food stamps are one of the largest and fastest-growing means-tested welfare programs. Costs have doubled in inflation-adjusted terms since 2008. In 2012, more than 46 million Americans received food stamps every month.


This is INSANITY at it’s finest! This is about Obama and his administration trying to fundamentally transform our country  – and succeeding! This is the Cloward-Piven model.



Written by Nancy Hayes

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Nancy Hayes

Nancy Hayes is a Digital Media Specialist and Conservative, Grassroots Activist. Over the past 6 years - she has worked on 31 campaigns nationwide. She has been involved in several key elections, including Ted Cruz for President and Herman Cain for President. She has served in such positions as Social Media Specialist, Phone Bank Director, State Director of Volunteers, and Grassroots Activist. Stay involved! Stay inspired! Stay educated! #TeamJoe #PJNET #CruzCrew #GOHTeam


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