Jeb Bush on How to Eliminate the 2nd Amendment

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Jeb! Bush wants to be President.  The country owes it to him.  After all, he’s a Bush.  He’s a “conservative” who knows how to “fix it” according to the latest revision of his campaign.

I’m willing to take Jeb!’s campaign at their word.  Here’s how he’d fix the “problem” of easy access to guns.

Remember, Jeb! says he’s a “conservative” and the Republican establishment agrees with him.

COLBERT: Well, the right to have an individual firearm to protect yourself is a national document, in the Constitution, so shouldn’t that also be applied national —

BUSH: No. Not necessarily… There’s a 10th amendment to our country, the Bill of Rights has a 10th amendment that says powers are given to the states to create policy, and the federal government is not the end all and be all. That’s an important value for this country, and its an important federalist system that works quite well.

Jeb! is so “conservative” he’s actually a “federalist.”  Of course he’s a “federalist” who doesn’t believe in the Constitution, but you can’t have everything.  That’s what people like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Barack Obama, and Harry Reid tell us all the time.

You’re known by the company you keep Jeb! I can’t believe your mom never told you that.

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