Jeb Bush attacks Paul and Cruz – No Wonder He Doesn’t Have Much Support!

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In the wake of a lackluster debate performance and with his poll numbers cratering, Jeb Bush joined Meet the Press last Sunday for an interview in which he criticized Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. Of Rubio, who he’d called out for missing votes during the CNBC debate, Bush said, “The basic point with Marco isn’t that he’s not a good person or that he’s not a gifted politician – everybody can see that.”

Bush continued: “If you look at the three people on the stage from the United States Senate, all three of them have a combined two bills that became law that they’ve sponsored.” Bush made this statement in order to contrast their records with his own, saying, “I have proven leadership skills. I got to be governor of a state and accomplish big things.” Bush then said that he’s running specifically to “break up gridlock” and “change the culture in Washington.”

Jeb! That’s almost funny. Really?

While Bush seems to view himself as statesmanlike for toeing the moderate line on the alleged horrors of gridlock, comments like these reveal how out-of-touch he is with the contemporary conservative base. In fact, it almost seems as if he’s forgotten that Obama is our president. Does Bush really expect Republicans who were elected explicitly to stop Obama’s agenda to suddenly author bills that the president eagerly signs into law?

Bush doesn’t seem to recognize that to conservatives, his condescending attitude toward harnessing congressional power as a means to challenge the executive branch—as the Constitution explicitly allows for—makes him seem like the kind of bygone relic that got us into this mess in the first place. Going along to get along isn’t particularly popular among conservatives right now, and our $18 trillion national debt—best represented by a creative Halloween costume donned by Senator Paul last week—might be a hint as to why.

If you look back to the tea party sweep of Congress in 2010, it’s abundantly clear that motivated Republican primary voters weren’t seeking politicians who would go to Washington and break up “gridlock,” as Bush promises to do. If that’s what conservatives were looking for, we’d have Senators Charlie Crist, Trey Grayson, and David Dewhurst—the men Rubio, Paul, and Cruz unexpectedly defeated in their primaries.

This problem with Bush is reinforced by his donor and volunteer base troubles. While he isn’t hurting for cash, only 4 percent of his money has come in from individuals making contributions of less than $200. Bush is the candidate of Wall Street and Washington special interests, not grassroots voters. And as Raw Story recently reported, Bush’s paid staffers in Iowa were only able to recruit four volunteers to help with the 70,000 calls they made for him – in which they learned only 2 percent of respondents held a favorable opinion of their candidate.

If Bush wants to run on his record as Governor of Florida, by all means, let him. But by acting as if success in Washington should be measured by how many bills a senator gets past a leadership regime often hostile to conservative priorities and signed into law by liberal President Obama, Bush is proving to the Republican base why their lack of interest in him is sensible.

Bush is more “blah, blah, blah.” He is unmotivated and even, in my opinion, looked like a pansy when it came to him trying to “attack” Rubio at the last debate for his absenteeism. I can only say, he looked bad. Man up! Jeb! could have come with more venom on that attack, but he didn’t. The issue was correct, but Jeb! didn’t “bring it”. Rubio has missed key votes, including Planned Parenthood.

But Jeb! attacking Rand and Cruz proves he is NO Conservative! Sen. Ted Cruz has a Liberty Score of 97% and Sen. Rand Paul a 93%. These are the LAST two if any, Jeb! should be attacking! Jeb! is the “same old same old”. Washington is NOT working, but Cruz has been fighting against the Washington Cartel for years. If #WeThePeople wanted the same (as those currently in the Washington cartel),we would be standing for you, Jeb! Funny thing is, you don’t get it. We don’t want ‘same old, same old’. We do NOT want Common Core either! We don’t want Amnesty either. We really do want someone that will stand up for the Constitution, especially after ALL the destruction that Obama has done in the last few years. We want our borders closed too!

As Sen. Ted Cruz said on Fox News on Wednesday night, “Truth Matters and conservatives are hungry for someone they can trust!”

This just shows how much Jeb! REALLY is clueless. That and the fact, that he could only get less than 2% of respondents in Iowa to help him! THAT should tell you EVEN more.  

On “Meet the Press” Jeb! said he was a “grinder.” I don’t see it. He said, “just got to be able to break through clutter of all the punditry class”. Probably, but don’t see it. His campaign is in trouble. The ONLY thing he said that has made sense recently….”I’ve got a lot of really cool things I could do”….I suggest you go do them!

Bye! Bye!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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Jeb Bush’s attack on Rand Paul and Ted Cruz shows why he has so little support

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