Isn’t it Convenient to be an Atheist in America?

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Just take a look at the ever-pissed off, anti-social, belligerent, self-righteous, bad-tempered and dissafected Atheists in America.

Why aren’t they more grateful? There they sit in their little houses all snug and safe in their little neighborhoods – safe and sound due to 250 years of Judeo-Christian morality and law.

Anybody in America can walk the streets at any hour of the day in 95% of the country without fear, due to every single law regarding your safety emanating from Judeo-Christian values and time-tested history of trial and error of what works and what doesn’t. But oh, they KNOW there’s no God and when it’s over – it’s over, baby!

15-1031 Atheist Logic

Atheists tend to make new Christian believers seem like laid back pikers when it comes to sharing their faith.  Or lack thereof.  In today’s society it seems that atheists are driven to let everybody know that if you believe in “God” you have a problem with imaginary friends.

A new study at the University of York has discovered something very interesting that your atheist friends probably won’t like.

A new study performed at the University of York used targeted magnetism to shut down part of the brain. The result: belief in God disappeared among more than 30 percent of participants.

That in itself may not seem so embarrassing, but consider that the specific part of the brain they frazzled was the posterior medial frontal cortex—the part associated with detecting and solving problems, i.e., reasoning and logic.

In other words, it’s a fair conclusion that atheists don’t do reasoning or logic – the very things they typically accuse believers of not doing – in order to reach their lack of belief in God.  Not only do they “lack faith to be a believer” – a frequent complaint of atheists – they also apparently lack the brain power to be a believer as well.


At least most people of faith call it just that: Faith. In other words, that’s what we believe.


Atheists insist they absolutely KNOW there’s no such thing as heaven, hell, the hereafter or God. Wow – talk about a God-complex.

Ironically, the real truth is, if you were to airlift an Atheist into a country with no Judeo-Christian morality or law, like, say North Korea, Dafur or some other god-forsaken Shiite-hole – the Atheist would find God in about 30 minutes…

… while they were being dragged through the streets having their bollocks cattle-prodded.

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