Did We Invade the Wrong Countries?

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Sweden has a major problem with rape.  They’re number two on the list of most rapes per 100,000 people and the cause is their open door policy toward Muslim “immigrants.”  As they’ve allowed more and more Muslims to immigrate their women are being raped in greater and greater numbers.

15-1110 Sweden

A Swedish politician is actually stepping up to the plate and going after the rapists.

A few weeks ago Margot Wallström, the Swedish foreign minister, denounced the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia. As the theocratic kingdom prevents women from travelling, conducting official business or marrying without the permission of male guardians, and as girls can be forced into child marriages where they are effectively raped by old men, she was telling no more than the truth. Wallström went on to condemn the Saudi courts for ordering that Raif Badawi receive ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes for setting up a website that championed secularism and free speech. These were ‘mediaeval methods’, she said, and a ‘cruel attempt to silence modern forms of expression’. And once again, who can argue with that?

She’s going after the rapists at the source, she’s not messing with individual perps in Sweden, she’s going after the governments and the religious institutions that foster that rape.

She’s got a problem though.  Nobody outside her office seems to give a hoot.

… the western media has barely covered the story, and Sweden’s EU allies have shown no inclination whatsoever to support her. A small Scandinavian nation faces sanctions, accusations of Islamophobia and maybe worse to come, and everyone stays silent. As so often, the scandal is that there isn’t a scandal.

It seems the West is scared to death of Muslims.

15-1110 Sweden 911

The Saudi’s have cancelled visas of Swedish businessmen and are threatening to cut off their arms purchases from Sweden.  Other Muslim nations are threatening to follow suit.

They are making an example of Sweden and the rest of the world is going to let them get away with it.

Did we invade the wrong countries?  No, not really.  Probably the problem is we didn’t invade enough Muslim countries and we certainly stopped way too soon.

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