Hillary Clinton AFTER the Paris Terrorist Attacks: We Need To Bring In EVEN MORE Syrian Refugees

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In a conversation during Saturday’s debate about whether the terror attacks in Paris put America’s planned embrace of Syrian refugees in a new light, Hillary Clinton said she still favors increasing the ceiling of refugees over what the administration has proposed.

Here’s part of that discussion from National Review:

DICKERSON: Secretary Clinton let me ask you a question from Twitter which has come in and this is a question on this issue of refugees. The question is, with the U.S. preparing to absorb Syrian refugees, how do you propose we screen those coming in to keep citizens safe?

CLINTON: I think that is the number one requirement. I also said that we should increase numbers of refugees. The administration originally said 10. I said we should go to 65, but only if we have as careful a screening and vetting process as we can imagine, whatever resources it takes. I do not want us to in any way inadvertently allow people who wish us harm to come into our country. But I want to say a quick word about what Senator Sanders and then Governor O’Malley said. We do have to take a hard look at the defense budget, and we do have to figure out how we get ready to fight the adversaries of the future, not the past. But we have to also be very clear that we do have continuing challenges. We’ve got challenges in the South China Sea because of what China is doing in building up these military installations. We have problems with Russia. Just the other day, Russia allowed a television camera to see the plans for a drone submarine that could carry a tactical nuclear weapon. So we’ve got to look at the full range and then come to some decisions about having more streamlined and focused–.

Oh, dear Hillary! We’ve GOT problems alright! They are HUGE! But to say that you went from 10 – 65 – I’m assuming you meant to add the word “thousands” of Syrian Refugees and even with that number YOU are off BIG TIME! You are Wrong! I know many didn’t watch the Democratic Debate on Saturday, as more people were probably watching the Hawkeye football game or doing something else more productive, like clipping there toenails. You are wrong about Syrian Refugees. Just like you and the Democrats have been wrong about many of the issues you have supported including Obamacare. It’s unfortunate, you don’t know when to be right, like say – picking up the phone for Ambassador Stevens. Let’s just say you were dead wrong on that one! We will never forget Benghazi! Step away from the podium! You’re done! 

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