Happy Ending for Parents Unwilling to Accept Their Baby’s ‘Death Sentence’

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Here is my nomination for “Parents of the Year.”

Doctors did not believe a Florida baby with a severe brain tumor would be born alive. But she was.

Doctors told her parents she would not live to be more than a few days old. She’s now almost 3 months old.15-1115 Baby 1

Her parents were told the risks of operating on her brain tumor would outweigh the benefits.  Her parents took a chance, got a second opinion and can now say their baby is tumor free.

Abigail Jones’ (affectionately called Baby Abby by her family) story began when she was diagnosed in utero with Down Syndrome and a fatal brain cancer.

Her parents, Erika and Stephen Jones, were devastated when they first heard the news, but decided to make the most of the time they had with their precious baby girl — No matter how little that was supposed to be.

They could have chosen to have their daughter Abby chopped into tiny pieces and sucked from Erika’s womb, but the Jones’ are real parents.  They see their children as God’s gift.


After Abby was born mom and dad took her to Boston Children’s Hospital where they met neurosurgeon Dr. Al Cohen who renewed their hope.  Dr. Cohen removed the tumor and there’s no sign of it coming back.

Baby Abby has a long road ahead of her, but with a family like the Jones’ she’s got great head start.

15-1115 Baby Family

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