Guess Where the Brother of One of the Paris Bombers Worked?

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You just can’t make this stuff up.  I wouldn’t even try to make up a story this crazy.  So we’ve got a bunch of Muslims going to Paris, dressing up in suicide bomb outfits and murdering a couple of hundred Frenchmen.  And anybody else that got in their way.  Yawn, old story.  Muslims murdering their neighbors has been a backpage event for 1,400 years.  That’s what Muslims do, it’s their culture.

“Muslims Murder 200 in Paris” is the rough equivalent of “Frenchmen Eat Cheese & Drink Wine.”  It’s who they are.15-1119 ParisBomber

Anyway, the Paris bombers were immigrants from various places in the Middle East and they got cover because “immigrants” are storming into Europe and there’s no way to run background checks on them – despite what the White House says.  So you end up with lots of people who think a vest filled with high explosives is the height of Paris fashion.  You also end up with people like this.

This guy is one Mohamed Abdeslam and he happens to be the brother of one of the high fashion bombers.  He’s also an employee in the Belgian Department of Immigration.  How convenient.

Mo was arrested in Belgium, but in a fashion that EuroWeenies everywhere – including Barack Obama, would approve of, he was released.

You’ll be pleased to know that Mo, the Immigration Department worker, was released because he had an alibi for the day of the bombing.  I wonder if anybody has checked his work for six months or so before the bombing?  Probably not, some Imam would undoubtedly get upset.

Here’s the Belgian police hard at work.

He’s got one dead brother and one brother in hiding.

As far as my brother [Salah] is concerned, we don’t know where he is right now. He grew up here, studied here, he is a totally normal lad. None of us knew anything. Not us, not our family. They are big boys, they are grown-ups. You don’t ask them what they’re doing every time they leave the house.

We are very shocked about what has happened.

Let’s take Mo at his word.  His brother, one of the planners who put the terrorist attacks together, is just “a normal lad.”  That, Mo, would be “normal” only in the Muslim community.  In Scottsdale, AZ where I live putting on a high fashion vest filled with explosives isn’t considered “normal.”  Of course, cutting your daughter’s clitoris out with a safety razor isn’t considered normal either.  Except in the Muslim world.

As far as the brother who is now enjoying eternity with 72 virgins, he was a good boy.

His mom says he was just stressed out.  He was soooo stressed out that she’s sure he wasn’t trying to kill anyone when his vest went off.  And I’ve got a good deal on some swamp land in Qatar for you.


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