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Greensboro Holds Very Successful Gun “Turn-In” Program


The far left and the anti-2nd Amendment folks – but I repeat myself – chalked up a major win with a gun “turn-in” program.  Usually these things are buy-backs where people turn in guns for cash.  Typically the guns turned in don’t work because they haven’t been fired in decades.  Apparently in Greensboro the PD and the anti-gun groups couldn’t raise the cash for even that so they just asked people to stop by a probably-sort-of-Christian church and sign a pledge and, of course, turn in their evil guns.

Here’s a report on the success of the program.

Wow.  A thousand people showed up to sign the pledge – found here – and turn in guns.  And they did it out of the goodness of their hearts.  According to Time-Warner Cable.  A notoriously fair-and-balanced news source.

Almost 1000 people took “A Pledge of Non-Violence” Saturday at Destiny Christian Center in Greensboro.

This was to show their commitment to safety across the Gate City.

Gun owners also turned in unwanted firearms and ammunition at the event.

Here’s their cache of guns that were taken off the streets of Greensboro.

15-1123 Gun1

and don’t forget the knives.

15-1123 Gun 2

That’s it.  The gun happens to be a BB gun and it’s former owner turned in two bags of deadly BBs with it.  That’s apparently all that was turned in.  I’m pretty confident there’s no big box of “firearms” hiding out at police HQ from this program, this story has been circulating for several days and I’m pretty sure the anti-2nd Amendment crowd would love to show off the 1,000 guns that were turned in by bad guys whose hearts were melted by their pitch.

I’m also pretty sure that if you check the signatures on the petitions you’ll get 100% match with Democratic Party voter registration.

Big success guys.  Great job.


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