Got Some Extra Change? Here are the 10 MOST Expensive Cars in the World [VIDEO]

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Here’s the way you clear out your checking account.  And your savings account.  And your 401K.  And your Health Savings Account.  Don’t forget the kids college funds.  Get a second mortgage.  Borrow all you can get from your in-laws.  Cheat more on your taxes for a bigger refund.

You probably still won’t have enough.  For the down payment.

And you’ve probably never heard of most of them.

These 10 cars are not for the faint of heart.  They’ll all go way over 200 mph.  Zero to sixty in less time than it takes me to type zero to sixty.

HT to DigitalTrends.

They’re just insane, and here’s the 10th most expensive car in the world.

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