Global Terror Report Part II—The Foreign Policy Paris Edition

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Viva La Karma!

While domestic terrorists are destroying Mizzou and other college campuses, foreign terrorists are setting the rest of the world ablaze. Radical Islamists launched a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, France that left scores dead. This is the foreign policy terrorism report.

Why do Islamists murder people?

15-1102 Islam ROP

Because they can. Because they feel like it.

“There will be consequences.”

No. There will not.

“ISIS will not get away with this.”

They already have.

The choice is clear.

We can embrace politically correct claptrap about diversity and multiculturalism. Or, we can admit that we cannot all coexist. We can admit that radical Islam is incompatible with civilized society.

We must halt all immigration from Muslim countries until we know who these people are. This is not xenophobia. It is survival.

The politically correct approach to foreign policy has completely collapsed in failure. Terrorist acts will keep happening until the world returns to leaders willing to use hard military power. Anything short of overwhelming military force is surrender. The Neocons are right. Their critics are wrong.

France is done. Europe is finished. It is not too late to save America.

Every Islamist attack is another reminder that American college protesters have nothing to say. Nothing they want matters.

Radical Islam is a life and death struggle between civilization and barbarism. Everything else from climate change to elitist social causes is complete and total nonsense. Time and resources are finite. Every moment spent focusing on drivel is a victory for Radical Islam.

On November 30, the world’s imbeciles meet in France to discuss climate change.

That’s right. While Islamists murder people across the globe, overprivileged leftist elitists will be navel gazing about the least important issue in our lives.

This is not a policy conference. It is a taxpayer funded vacation. The real world is on fire now while faculty lounge children worry about what might happen long after their insignificant bodies leave this earth. Their minds left long ago.

It is time to engage in climate change shaming. If you still believe this climate change summit matters, and that Paris needs this right now, then you do not give a damn about people.

World leaders must make themselves useful for the first time since 2009. It is time to wage all out war on Islamists with as much military force as possible.

After the terrorists are defeated and major economies are fixed, then and only then can leftists have their silly little Paris junkets where they navel gaze, do nothing, and vow to conquer something no normal person cares about.

To truly defeat ISIS, put President Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton in charge of it. ISIS would promptly apologize and disengage

France harasses Jews and coddles Islamists. What could possibly go wrong?

Hollywood and global leftists are in tears. The ISIS attack on France broke six wine bottles and may have damaged a Brie cheese factory.

Maybe if ISIS beheaded a few climate change activists, liberals would learn what matters. No, they would remain imbeciles with no grasp on reality.

Can’t somebody think climate change is the greatest world threat without being an imbecile?


All Syrian refugees in USA should be put in San Francisco, Mizzou dorms, or the White House with their kindred spirits.

Ferguson Grand Jury decision in Michael Brown shooting

The same liberals saying the USA should not be the world’s policeman want us to be the world’s homeless shelter. Let Muslim nations house their Syrian brothers.

Give me your tired, your poor, your terrorist masses yearning to break the free.

Syrian refugees are citing the Geneva Convention as they beg not to be relocated to Chicago’s South Side.

President Obama knows Syrian refugees jeopardize American security. He needs more Democrat voters for 2016. His entire existence puts politics over policy. So what if innocent Americans die? He’ll blame others. As Hillary Clinton says, What difference at this point does it make?

Of course we don’t want Middle Eastern refugees. The last time we let one in he became President.

No, not really. The selfie-taking Pajamaboy metrosexual Vulcan in the White House is not foreign born. He was born in New York in an IBM laboratory. He is a computer. That is why he lacks human emotion and empathy.

President Obama is like a student trying to convince the teacher that he actually did read the book. The teacher says he is in the wrong class on the wrong day. Obama keeps talking in the hopes everyone else will think they are all in the wrong class on the wrong day and that he is right to be there.

Forget the emperor having no clothes. Obama is naked in winter trying to convince the world it’s Summer in South Florida and his are not short, shriveled, and a little to the far left.

Now Obama thinks he is Billy Crystal. Forget Paris. In two weeks other men will be buttering his buns (croissants) as France basks in the glow of climate change.

The Paris Climate Change Conference is redundant. We already have the Special Olympics.

At least participants in the Special Olympics can learn stuff and process information.

To perpetually outraged liberal activists and their fake umbrage, let me apologize for the comparison. Comparing special needs individuals to climate change activists is wrong and unfair. Special needs individuals have value.

Now Syria is rejecting refugee applications from Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Detroit. Bashar Assad is telling telling the liberal leaders of those cities to stop trying to export their worst and just fix their own messes.

All Syrian refugees in America must live in white liberal areas. This is a serious chance to test a policy

Syrian refugees

Liberals and conservatives have a fundamental disagreement about how to improve the world. This is not a claim that liberals are unpatriotic, or that they want to destroy America. Their policy prescriptions are just bad. Liberal lawmakers who pass laws never live under those laws. Wealthy white liberals are exempt from the laws they inflict on the rest of us.

Gun control? Rich white liberals have private security. Obamacare? Rich white liberals can afford it. Illegal immigration? Rich white liberals do not have to worry about how it drives down wages. Crime? Again, rich white liberals have private security.

So if liberals want Syrian refugees in their areas to show their tolerance and compassion, and conservatives do not, then give everyone what they want. It is high time that both sides are given a fair chance to see the results of their policies.

If liberals are right, so be it. There is a first time for everything. It is not like this is a life and death issue like climate change or uncaring words on a college campus.

This was the Foreign Policy Terror Report. At this very moment Islamists are preparing to blow up every corner of the world as leftists worry about America’s failure to increase diversity and multiculturalism.

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