Why Does George W. Bush Dislike This True Conservative Patriot?

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George W. Bush seems to hate Ted Cruz with all of his being.  At a small group gathering of big dollar donors for his brother Jeb, GWB reportedly said of Ted Cruz, “I just don’t like the guy.”

Cruz is the US Senator from Bush’s home state of Texas, why in the world would the former President feel that way?

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Glenn Beck has a theory that the Bush hatred for Cruz revolves around a Mexican named Jose Medellín.

According to Beck’s theory, the former president’s disdain for Cruz is linked to a 1993 rape and murder case, where Cruz sided against Bush on an international stage.

José Medellín and five other young men brutally raped and murdered Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña, two teenagers from Houston, Texas, in June 1993, when the two girls stumbled upon the men’s gang initiation on their way home.

Within three hours of his arrest, Medellín admitted to the crimes with which he had been charged and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice issued him a death sentence.

Medellín later appealed and said that his “rights” were violated because he hadn’t been allowed to speak to the Mexican consulate.  The appeal failed so the “International Court of Justice” got involved and sided with Medellín.

The ICJ has no official jurisdiction in the State of Texas or the United States of America and their demand failed, but that didn’t deter Bush.

So then President Bush sided with a Mexican murderer and rapist over the Governor of the State of Texas and two dead girls.  Thankfully, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry have their priorities in the right order.  Following Cruz’ victory at the Supreme Court Medellín was executed.

Bush was absolutely wrong on Medellín, just as he was and is wrong on amnesty for the 15 million illegal aliens who are currently residing in the US without any fear of being deported.


While there are lots of good things to say about George W. Bush the man and the President (especially in comparison with his predecessor), Medellín and his immigration policies are virulent stain on his reputation.  His brother Jeb! is absolutely on board with GWB and Barack Obama on amnesty for illegals, and whatever you may think of Donald Trump, he is absolutely right.  Deport the illegals and build a big wall.

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