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Gee. White Lives Matter in Missouri. Who’d Have Guessed?


That’s right, white lives matter.  And they matter in a college, of all places.

And not just any college, a historically black college.

15-1105 College

Harris-Stowe State University.  A historically black college in Missouri just got smacked down hard for being a fundamentally racist institution.

A St. Louis Circuit Court jury has awarded a former Harris-Stowe State University instructor $4.85 million after finding that the historically black university discriminated against the instructor because she is white.

I don’t know the racial make up of the jury, but the racial makeup of St. Louis is overwhelmingly black.  That’s gonna leave a mark.

The suit, filed in 2012, zeroes in on one particular administrator, accusing her of subscribing to the “Black Power” mantra and working systematically to purge Harris-Stowe’s College of Education of white faculty.

The Missouri attorney general’s office, which represented Harris-Stowe, declined to comment on the verdict.

The university’s board said the verdict was “regrettable” and they are looking into an appeal.

Actually, the only thing that’s “regrettable” is that black institutions think they can get away with blatant racism.  But then, given the actions of the Obama administration, why wouldn’t they?

As a side note, when I first saw the entrance to the university, pictured above, I immediately thought of this …

15-1105 College Work

The result is comparable.  While the aim of the bottom institution was the death of their charges, the aim of historically black colleges seems to be the moral death of their charges.  And, they’re doing a good job at it.

Of course, so is virtually every other college in the country.


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