The French are Not Surrendering to Obama

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When the French, the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, are calling out the President there’s something amiss.  In this case, what’s amiss is U.S. foreign policy.  It’s been amiss since the day Barack Obama took office and set about doing everything in his power to surrender to the forces of Islam.

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MSNBC Contributor and Washington Editor-at-Large for the Atlantic, Steve Clemons hit the nail on the head with his admission that the French are not happy Surrender Monkeys.

“ISIS has been incubated for two years with an absence of U.S. leadership, and that the United States needs to take the security of its allies more seriously”

The only quibble I’ve got with that is the “two years” part.  It’s been seven.

Here’s Clemons comments.

Now they’re talking about NATO.  Heh?

There’s only one thing that will approach fixing this little problem.  A full scale war against Islam.  All parts of it.

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