Father And Adopted Son Want To Get Married: Seems Normal to Me?

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Well, at least the kid was adopted.

As you undoubtedly know there’s been a big fight over “same sex marriage” and the left is chalking up a big victory thanks to SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy.  The left has been very loud over the idea that this decision is not some “slippery slope” that will allow for all sorts of perversion.

As usual, they’re wrong.  And they knew it going in but they’re sold out to the Gay Mafia agenda.

The legalization of same-sex marriage has given way to a new problem for a Pennsylvania couple, who technically are father and son.

Before states across the country began striking down bans on same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court ultimately decided the issue nationwide, some gay couples used adoption laws as a way to gain legal recognition as a family, and the related benefits such as inheritance and hospital visitation rights.

Nino Esposito, a retired teacher, adopted his partner Roland “Drew” Bosee, a former freelance and technical writer, in 2012, after more than 40 years of being a couple.

Now, they’re trying to undo the adoption to get married and a state trial court judge has rejected their request, saying his ability to annul adoptions is generally limited to instances of fraud.

Fraud.  Heh.

15-1105 Fraud

The facts are simple.  Esposito is 78 and Bosee is 68 and the adoption was approved when they were 75 and 65.  Why in the world would they do that?

But Judge Lawrence J. O’Toole … ruled against the couple. He noted that the primary purpose of the adoption was to reduce the Pennsylvania inheritance tax payable upon the death of one of the men from 15% to 4%, “as the two men would now be in a parent-child relationship instead of a third party relationship.”

Hmm, sounds like tax fraud to me.  But then I’m both homophobic and taxophobic.

This is far from over.  The “couple” have filed an appeal with the help of the ACLU, and their lawyers are hoping the Obama Department of Justice will get involved.

Attorneys Mikhail Pappas and Andrew Gross, who represent Esposito and Bosee, say they would welcome help from the Justice Department to make clear their clients have a civil right at issue in the case.

Given that Obama just concluded that his daughters should be forced to shower with high school boys, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they join in the case.

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