Fans at Paris Concert Massacre by Muslims Hidden in Band’s Dressing Room Were Slaughtered Except One …

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When Muslims decided to shoot up a concert in Paris some of the featured band’s fans were hiding in their dressing room.  They were butchered.  That’s what Muslims do.

Here’s a snip of the concert when the shooting started, you’ll see the drummer diving for cover at the sound of gunfire.

The band, Eagles of Death Metal, described the scene.

Lead singer Jesse Hughes told Vice that fans hid in his dressing room after the initial slaughter but were found by the killers who then murdered them all – except for a ‘kid’ hiding under his leather jacket.

Hughes’ voice shook and he fought back tears as he explained how so many of the band’s fans at the gig in Paris were killed because they would not leave their friends behind.

The Eagles of Death Metal (Joshua Homme, left, and lead singer Jesse Hughes, center) have described the horror of the Bataclan concert hall massacre for the first time in an emotional interview

Hughes – sitting alongside band mate Joshua Homme, who was not at the gig – described the chaos after three terrorists burst into the Bataclan and opened fire on the crowd.

‘Several people hid in our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket,’ Hughes said.

‘People were playing dead and they were so scared,’ he added.

I guess the Muslim murderers weren’t interested in souvenirs or they’d have taken the jacket.  And killed the kid.


I do have one bone to pick with the Daily Mail.  This sentence:  “The Eagles of Death Metal were entertaining the large crowd at the Paris venue on Friday, November 13, when the extremists opened fire.

They weren’t “extremists” they were Muslims.

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