Even Arabs Think Obama is Purposely destroying America: And Laughing at Us [VIDEO]


And killing us. But that part isn’t funny.

What is funny is this video where Arab commentators are half-confused, half-hysterical over Obama, the First Lady and how America is going to h*ll in a handbasket..

They’re having quite a time with it. ** DISCLAIMER BELOW:

God help us.

** This video is fake, but let’s be honest – the captioned words are at least true.

Obama is the worst, but it’s okay to have a little fun with it once in a while..

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Baron Von Kowenhoven

Baron was just a shy kid with a dream, growing up in the 40's with a knack for story-telling. After a brief career in film, Von Kowenhoven went to Europe in search of fringe-scientific discoveries and returned in the 90's to unleash them on the entertainment and political landscape of America.


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