Don’t Be Blind To The Pain Of Others


A blue sky today, but still a little blustery. My dog Totes and I were  over at the corner grocery store, I was looking for a pack of cigarettes you see. The wind and the leaves were making it a little tough on this blind man that was approaching the store, or maybe he just was not that used to being blind. After he bumped into the garbage can, I wondered if he may not want a hand in the store; he gladly accepted.

He was after a tall can of Coors and a Red bull which made me smile because I know that kind of breakfast. After we made our purchases, with Totes under one arm and Ryan holding onto the other arm, I walked him a few blocks over to the local community college. He used to go to school there, before he put a bullet in his head that left him blind and without a sense of smell.


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Hobo John

Hobo John here, I am a fifty year old man currently living in a small town in Idaho, this is also where I grew up. Like any Idaho boy I love the outdoors, and am a sports enthusiast. But I also love the arts and paint a little myself. In Proverbs it says, "A man's pursuit is his kindness, " and that is my only true mission in life. I like to write about just about anything; songs , children's stories, politics, short stories, however, I have not attempted a novel yet. I also consider myself a bit of a philosopher, after seven years of living the homeless life I actually started to enjoy it. I started writing little phrases that I hope contain some wisdom. I call them Hobo Metaphysics. "Gentle beats the shit out of aggressive," being one of my favorites. Peace to you folks, "I love you with everything that I have." That is my motto and the truth of things.


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